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At RE/MAX Advantage our systems have been designed to work most effectively for you - we consistently review the needs of our clients and tailor our systems to service them in the best way possible.

We are a team of licensed agents supported by marketing and administrative staff. A familiar voice will always be there to receive your calls. The organic structure within our office allows for any one of us to be knowledgeable with all areas of real estate and are readily able to help you.

Sharon Ricketts, Margaret Millar (currently on Maternity Leave) and Cody Stuckless are licensed Associates who have chosen to work as a team with me. They have a comprehensive understanding of real estate and actively seek buyers so that you can relax at home. They work on a one-on-one relationship with a lot of buyers so they have a thorough understanding of what is wanted and available.

Because we have lived in the Valley for most of our lives, we have a well-rounded knowledge of the small communities, people, and schools in this area. Also, we have been able to establish strong and long-standing professional relationships with other Realtors and have compiled a list of qualified agents to refer you to if you ever decide to relocate.

Questions About Teams

Will I get passed around?

Absolutely not! The agent whom you choose to work with will continue to work with you for the duration of your RE/MAX experience. You will, however, be introduced to our entire team.

We are different because we all work towards the same goal which is ensuring our clients receive the best possible care. When you call Donna Conrad & Team you always reach a live person to answer your questions, show you a property at times that are convenient for you or start you on the way to selling your home. All staff is briefed on your particular needs so when you phone you will be acknowledged by a friendly voice that is familiar to you.

Do I have to pay more for four fully licensed Real Estate Agents?

No, because the team service you receive here is not at an added cost , itís how we run our business!


The Team Concept

Without question, the team concept is an exceptional way to satisfy your customers in a wide range of businesses. However, most real estate agents try to run a one-person show, and are probably over-working themselves trying to do a good job and accommodate every need of their clients. I understand this, because I used to work just like them, but there is a better way!


Most real estate agents work very hard for their clients and strive for their absolute satisfaction of any transaction. Although their clients may understand that they are working as hard as humanly possible, they sometimes may feel cheated in the fact that the quality and profitability of their home sale suffers from them trying to do everything themselves.


To better fit all of our clients needs, we have built an outstanding team of professionals that allows us to take care of these problems. Since we work as a
one-unit team, we have designed ways to greatly enhance the quality of service we can deliver to our clients. This, in many aspects, is the same way other professionals you work with such as bankers and lawyers operate their businesses. We also use new age technology to increasingly improve the efficiency, speed and innovative capabilities of every aspect of the services we deliver to our clients.


In the long run, we do not expect you to totally understand how our office exactly works. In most cases, clients do not care to know how our office runs. Like us, they have families, jobs and busy lives, which are their priority. For a short period of time, we become a part of our clientís lives and our goal is to make their experience as positive and stress free as possible. We want our clients to understand that we are always working together to better serve them, no matter what the task.


Because of the innovative, unique and organized way we have structured our real estate office, we have built a successful sales record and team base. By choosing our team, you are choosing the right professionals to handle all of your real estate needs!

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