Home Staging Opportunity Plus


Have you ever wanted to hire someone for a day to go into your home while you’re at work and rearrange and change everything? This is where a home stager can come in handy.

Let’s be realistic, when selling, for most people there area couple of common reasons on not thinking they need a home stager – “I can do this myself” or” I don’t want to pay the money for this service”

When you decide to put your home on the market the stress factor definitely tends to increase, so before you erase the thought of “no home stager” let’s talk about benefits of this service.

  • Having a one hr consultation meeting can give you a fresh view on the space you’ve lived in for a long time and let’s face it there are things you don’t see anymore because you walk by it so much
  • We are not attached to the chair that has been by the window that apparently can’t move, but we will probably change if it gives the room a better flow.
  • Is it not a good idea to make a small investment to bring you back the full asking price of your home? People walking through your space will take note of things they might have to do if they buy and they are thinking “I’ll ask for a reduction in price to cover that cost” so it’s better to know up front before you start to show your home-this will happen in the discussed walk-through.
  • A Home Stager does not need to make the moves of change themselves – we can make our lists for you if you feel you want to do it yourself but remember, at the end of the day when you’re tired and are up until midnight moving things around – Is it worth it?
  • This is probably the best one hour investment you will make for great advice.

Let’s walk through some of the things that home stagers will look at when entering your space:

*Start with the front door. Think about what you want to feel when you walk in and how you want the space to function. From there look at the furniture you have that can help you achieve this look, even if you have to move furniture from another room.

*Clear away clutter so you can really assess your space.It’s hard to see a new space when it is full of the old mess. Get rid of things that don’t belong. Remove the things that can go away now, either hire a professional organizer or call a junk removal service. Remember quick and easy! And if you do nothing else, make sure that every room is clean and in good working order.

*Adding well placed accessories. If you have a fireplace,always make sure you have at least one strong piece next to or on the mantel that always looks great.

 *Proper lighting gives a warm and inviting atmosphere and your approach on lighting will depend on the room you’re in.

*Adding color. This can be the fastest way to breathe new life into a space.

*Update family photos or frames. This will change the feeling of a room.

Easy and effortless to us but can be overwhelming for you. If you decide to use a home stager, remember to get all staging plans in writing because you will tend to forget things if just discussing while walking room by room.

Good Luck in your selling process.